Through regenerative mining practices, we strive to deliver the transformational change the world needs and that we believe it deserves.

We operate in multiple commodity segments including Bentonite, Limestone and Kaolin but we’re also proudly pursuing new growth horizons. The assets we operate today are not all that we will operate tomorrow and the future sees us offering even more diversified services.

But while our capabilities may adapt, our beliefs and ambitions remain constant.

We are driven to unlock potential.
To replace the old with the better.

To realise AND generate value.
To regenerate For our customers, our people and communities.

What is Regenerative Mining?

To us, regenerative mining is a vision to put better, more sustainable practices into play when operating active mines and closing or rehabilitating sites that have reached the end of their life.





Active sites


Successfully closed
or rehabilitated sites

Commodities mined:



  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Practicality
  • Loyalty
  • Authenticity


  • Can do attitude & rolled-up sleeves resolve
  • Customer intimacy
  • Delivery beyond compliance
  • Vision & innovation
  • Rehabilitation & production expertise

Our team

Local Supplier Engagement

Cultivating strong local supplier engagement with our sites is genuinely important to us. Local suppliers help us deliver excellent social and economic outcomes for our local communities. Please get in touch if you would like to engage with any of the Terrequip sites.


Terrequip is passionate about developing new ways to  give back to the community and we are always on the lookout for ideas and initiatives. If you’re a community-based program looking for support, please get in touch.


Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our most important assets – our people.

As such, Terrequip is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all workers as well as clients, visitors and the community.

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment that is free from workplace injury and illness.

We believe this can only be achieved through the participation, cooperation and commitment of everyone in the workplace. We also strive for continuous improvement in the way we work to eliminate hazards.

Our core safety principles are built on Recognise, Report, Repair and Return Home. This underpins a culture in which everyone has a responsibility for working safely and for looking out for each other.