Mining Operations

With a strong background in local and international mining operations, Terrequip have a deep understanding of our industry and are proud to have been part of some of Australia’s most significant mining assets.

Our Mining Sites


401 O’Deas Road, Elbow Valley Q 4370

Terrequip’s Warwick Limestone mine lies 21km southeast of Warwick in Queensland within the Elbow Valley region. The site was acquired in 2020 and reactivated by Terrequip to meet the market’s need for quality Limestone products. It is the closest lime deposit to the South East Queensland coast and produces high-quality lime and Limestone products from the active Phoenix pit.

Terrequip Warwick extracts Limestone via open-cut drill and blast methods. Recent geological studies have modelled resource quantities in excess of 2.2M tonnes providing an estimated operation life of 15+ years.

Warwick Limestone products are made by fixed crushing and milling equipment as well as mobile crushing and screening assets. We maintain a fleet of trucks and pneumatic tankers to meet customers requirements.

Status: Active

Type: Open Cut

Production per annum: 150kt

First production at Warwick site: 1953

Calcium contained in Warwick Limestone: 96%


Gurulmundi Road, Gurulmundi Q 4415

Terrequip’s Gurulmundi Bentonite mine is located 30km north of Miles in Queensland. The site was acquired in 2021 as an operating business supplying high-grade Sodium Bentonite to local and export markets.

Mining at Gurulmundi is done via open-cut free digging to remove overburden and extract three grades of Bentonite, which are selectively mined for their differing chemical and physical characteristics. Total reserves at Gurulmundi exceed 30 years’ production at current rates.

Terrequip’s Bentonite products are manufactured by solar drying ore to remove moisture before milling takes place to produce a range of high-quality products used across multiple industries.

Status: Active

Type: Open Cut

Earliest studies identifying Bentonite in region: 1968

Production per annum: 50Kt

Average thickness of Bentonite seam: 7m


Goodger Kunioon Road, Goodger Q 4610

Terrequip’s Kingaroy Kaolin mines are located 14km south of Kingaroy in Queensland. The operation is made up of three pits which have been mined for their high-purity Kaolin since the 1970s. Terrequip acquired the sites in 2020 and commenced earthworks to improve the mining efficiencies and stability of the main operating pit known as Nyora.

The Nyora pit is campaign mined by free digging to remove overburden and extract Kaolin ore, which is used domestically to manufacture brick and paving products in the building industry. Resource volumes indicate a mine life of five to six years at current production rates.

Status: Active

Type: Open Cut

Number of pits: 3

Resource volume in active pit: 50kt

Original grant of mining lease: 1976